Phi Phi Island – Maya Bay

A very good spot with beautiful soft corals and teeming marine life

Sharkpoint, Anemone Reef ( 50 min by our speed boat, 2 1/2 hour by tour-boat ) Sharkpoint consists of 3 pinnicles jutting out of a fantastic coral garden. Numerous scattered, rock formations give shelter to innumerable tropical fishes and some leopard sharks.
The main feature of the Anemone Reef is in the name already. Strange rock formations like canyons, overhangs and ravines make it the ideal place for a beautiful dive.
Reef Basics : Soft coral reefs Depth : 10 - 30 m Visibility : 10 - 25 m Currents : Can be strong Water temperature : 27°- 30° Experience level : Easy - intermediate PADI course compatibility : Great for cavern diving and underwater photography