∼Welcome to Laguna Beach Club Resort and paradise∼

We have our very own massage, right infront of the beach. Enjoy!

Massage at Laguna Beach Club Resort

Most of us have tired muscles after bad working positions or much stress. Here at Laguna Beach Club you have the opportunity to do something about it. The technique of traditional thai-massage is a combination of pressure points and massage of muscles areas. The massage stretches the muscles in your legs and arms and loosens locked shoulder and neck muscles.

This is unique from a body therapy is dated back to the time of the Buddha, and was practiced by the monks at that time. Our masseuses/masseurs are educated in the well known ” Wat Phoo ” temple in Bangkok.

Oilmassage, footmassage, facemassage, manicure, pedicure, hair braiding etc, right by the beach, an outdoor spa on Koh Lanta.