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Useful information for your holiday

Here you find all information and facts you need to know before spending a lovely holiday on Laguna Beach Club Resort and the paradise of Koh Lanta!

Keep yourself out of the sun during the first days of your holiday, stay in the shadow and use a sun lotion with high UV-protection (available in the shops near by)! Please show respect to the local people and their culture and do not (sun) bath topless or naked in lakes, waterfalls or on the beach.
Thailand enjoys a tropical climate with three distinct season-summers from March through May, with occasinally rain and plenty of sunshine from June to September and cooler from October through February with an average temperature of about 25 C. In the hottest period like April it can reach up to 35 C. The average annual temperature is around 28 C. Weather forecast !
Our tap water is very clear and clean. It can be used without problems for teeth brushing, but is not suitable for drinking. Drinking water and ice cubes offered in resorts, hotels, super-markets and local restaurants are always purified and can be used without hesitation.
To avoid problems with mosquito's keep door closed in the evening when lights are on. Mosquito repellent like " Jaico " (a roll-on in light green small bottle ) or sprays can be used. Alternativ you can use "mosquito coil" to keep the mosquito away when you are at the balcony. You will find all these products in the local shops or supermarkets.
Clothes to bring

Don't forget - you will fly to a warm country, so bring just a few light clothes. One long shirt, or even a light jacket, one pair long throusers and some solid shoes, which you maybe wearing during the flight already, are generally enough. 

The Health Centre in Saladan offers medical service but not always with a doctor. Opening hours Monday-Friday 8.30 am - 4.00 pm. The Hospital is situated at Lanta village ( old town ), 23 km from Klong Dao Beach, opened 24 hours 7 days a week.
Located in Ban Saladan. Open: Monday to Friday from 8:30 untill 15:30. When changing traveller cheques or cashing money with your credit card, you have to show your passport. ATM-machine for VISA and Master cards available, too.

The international embassies are in Bangkok. If you need to extend your visa during your stay in Ko Lanta, you can extend at the immigration office in Krabi or Phuket. Read more at the thai embassy webpage for more exact details.

220-240 Volt, 50 Herz. It's not necessary to bring any adapter from Europe.
GSM mobile phones are working in Saladan, Klong Dao Beach, Lanta Pier and at most other beaches.

Our resort is complete installed with wireless internet Wi-Fi hotspots to ensure that our guests have internetaccess everywhere in the resort. (even on the beach)